Mason Silva's "Spitfire" Part

16 Nov 2020
381 597 Ditonton

Mason’s unfathomable fourth part this year is a breakthrough in physics, annihilating legendary spots and melting rails on contact. Don’t look away.

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  • That double boardslide.. omg

    Kenneth WalkerKenneth Walker2 hari yang lalu
  • I imagine a street guy or girl on Vert a very strange time street girl on Vert you would be surprised about cross training take a swim

    Mathew HarmerMathew Harmer5 hari yang lalu
  • 5:20 I wonder wtf happened after that

    Devang Pratap SinghDevang Pratap Singh6 hari yang lalu
  • 2021

    Wan The JuriWan The Juri9 hari yang lalu
  • Can somebody explain to me why part from spitfire movie is on trasher channel? It is done by trasher for spitfire or what?

    OrzeszekkOrzeszekk11 hari yang lalu
  • Mason and Alex are both the skaters of the year!

    Nate StewartNate Stewart11 hari yang lalu
  • SOTY

    Hernandez MarkieHernandez Markie15 hari yang lalu
  • Mason Silva is a prodigy of the art and one of my all time inspirations as it takes a freak of a gut too gain his skill

    Liam GreeneLiam Greene17 hari yang lalu
  • What a skilled practitioner!

    Christopher PChristopher P17 hari yang lalu
  • This can’t be real

    Joe BrickyJoe Bricky18 hari yang lalu
  • SOTY

    McSoiMcSoi21 hari yang lalu
  • This is a sick part but can this guy ride switch? He didn’t do one trick that was switch or nollie

    Jake IversonJake Iverson21 hari yang lalu
  • Song please

    SCR crew skateSCR crew skate22 hari yang lalu
  • Song ?

    Nathaniel MauriesNathaniel Mauries22 hari yang lalu
  • Amazing part by mason silva yet again!

  • Reminds me so much of Jamie Thomas back in the day.

    Louie BanksLouie Banks22 hari yang lalu
  • Na

    J RJ R23 hari yang lalu
  • Neato

    grant jonsngrant jonsn24 hari yang lalu
  • What a good Samaritan that guy was keeping everybody nice and hydrated at the start

    Luke BoisenLuke Boisen25 hari yang lalu
  • i need a rough cut

    Chance DeWittChance DeWitt27 hari yang lalu
  • "oh my goodness" is the understatement of the year.

    PuppanaPuppana27 hari yang lalu
  • SOTY!!!

    fuuka akitsukifuuka akitsuki28 hari yang lalu
  • Whos here after he won SOTY

    Shutup Im11Shutup Im1128 hari yang lalu
  • What is this? The Jamie Thomas video from Welcome to Hell? I've now watched 3 separate videos to figure out why this guy was named soty. He just reminds me of a Toy Machine/Zero skater from the '90's. Nothing in any of the 3 made me say oh wow, this is the next great skateboarder. Wtf?

    Josh ChristianJosh Christian29 hari yang lalu
  • Imma barf, too sick

    Steezus KrystSteezus Kryst29 hari yang lalu
  • 🐐

    Steezy MARLONSteezy MARLONBulan Yang lalu
  • WTF

    Kelley RogersKelley RogersBulan Yang lalu
  • Lipslide at the end for 2020 SOTY

    im goldd boyim goldd boyBulan Yang lalu
  • soty!! Merecidooo

    Augusto MarraAugusto MarraBulan Yang lalu
  • power and style. congrats for soty!!

    真下真下Bulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY 👌🏼🥇

    Yedux GamingYedux GamingBulan Yang lalu

    Zack GrauerZack GrauerBulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY!!!

    MruvekssMruvekssBulan Yang lalu
  • Mason is the sickest in the game right now, this part is dope, synchronization of the tricks and music is on point.

    Nick FNick FBulan Yang lalu
  • Songs? Nothing but mad respect to The SOTY

    Abisai OrtegaAbisai OrtegaBulan Yang lalu
  • I fucken knew that he was going to to win SOTY FUCKEN WELL DESERVED 🤙🏽

    Abisai OrtegaAbisai OrtegaBulan Yang lalu
  • Well deserved SOTY! Ripped all year long.

    nick fonsecanick fonsecaBulan Yang lalu
  • Fucking SOTY well deserve

    Eazy GarEazy GarBulan Yang lalu
  • Congrats SOTY!!!! 🤘🏽

    Toni Loves SkateboardingToni Loves SkateboardingBulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY 2020 Congratulations Mason

    Christian MarianoChristian MarianoBulan Yang lalu
  • That part was pretty much hammer after hammer.

    BirryZzzBirryZzzBulan Yang lalu
  • all of these tricks were ender worthy

    xander accorsoxander accorsoBulan Yang lalu
  • What is the name of the first song? I wanna listen to it while skating

    diego arieldiego arielBulan Yang lalu
  • g shit

    CAP1TALACAP1TALABulan Yang lalu
  • Soty for real

    Cheddar KartoschskiCheddar KartoschskiBulan Yang lalu
  • Congrats Mason on winning 2020 SOTY

    pathtek4pathtek4Bulan Yang lalu
  • Fucking SOTY!!

    Milton MenaMilton MenaBulan Yang lalu
  • 😍😍

    aly h8ualy h8uBulan Yang lalu
  • soty

    ricardoaapricardoaapBulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY

    Leo McCaughleyLeo McCaughleyBulan Yang lalu
  • Mason silva and miles silvas upped the bar for a wheel sponsor part so much in last half of 2020

    916SavageMoB916SavageMoBBulan Yang lalu
  • The literal definition of "balls of steel". Goddammit, that was so insane to watch

    Talal CockarTalal CockarBulan Yang lalu
  • 0:54 crazy that spot is in Whittier where I live I’ve even skated there before

    Anthony !Anthony !Bulan Yang lalu
  • mason just channeled all the covid anger into his skateboarding.

  • He looks like the kid who cut a doll's head off with a toy plane in Toy Story

    Mason MartinMason MartinBulan Yang lalu
  • 🤯🤯🤯

    Ryan GRyan GBulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY!

    Gabriel NavaGabriel NavaBulan Yang lalu
  • Some shit off sleep volume one ?? 10/10

    Gustavo ContrerasGustavo ContrerasBulan Yang lalu
  • Mason for soty

    K. SandyK. SandyBulan Yang lalu
  • skater of the year

    daniel thiagodaniel thiagoBulan Yang lalu
  • holy fuck

    Turner CopenhaverTurner CopenhaverBulan Yang lalu
  • jed used this song smh

    Harry GoertzHarry GoertzBulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY!!!!!!

    Salad bowl SkatingSalad bowl SkatingBulan Yang lalu
  • sick part music is trash tho

    Chris ElohimChris ElohimBulan Yang lalu
  • 72 people skate mongo xDD

    Kyrie elejsonKyrie elejsonBulan Yang lalu
  • the wallie 180 50🤩

    treetreeBulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY or throw away the award 😳😳

    ChrisChrisBulan Yang lalu
  • Who even grinds the whole rail

    Jordan Cameron-leeJordan Cameron-leeBulan Yang lalu
  • Favorite video

    Liam BruzLiam BruzBulan Yang lalu
  • 3:00 fake flip top

    vopapraiavopapraiaBulan Yang lalu
  • This part gave me anxiety

    Gradi NzuziGradi NzuziBulan Yang lalu
  • i just randomly clicked on this....i knew mason was sick but i was not expecting this :o it took me a minute to realize that this was not fking normal... i just paused it halfway though, its too much to take in im gonna go do something else real quick... idk what he is eating or what but i need to get on that program :o

    skateordie27xxskateordie27xxBulan Yang lalu
  • soty

    gürhan kayagürhan kayaBulan Yang lalu
  • just S O T Y

    IsmaIsmaBulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY

    Robert WebbRobert WebbBulan Yang lalu
  • This part hits harder then my dads spankings

    david reiddavid reidBulan Yang lalu
  • The second part of this video reminded me of an Emerica part or something, absolutely amazing. Mason Silva is quickly becoming one of my favorite skaters right now

    mroutt2mroutt2Bulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY

    Itz SyncItz SyncBulan Yang lalu
  • anyone else sick of the low angle fisheye???? so annoying lol sorry

    Trey HoltTrey HoltBulan Yang lalu
  • soty!

    deanmaassenabledeanmaassenableBulan Yang lalu
  • I really wouldn't be surprised if he wins SOTY this year he's been fuckin killin it this year!

    Im_SleazyIm_SleazyBulan Yang lalu
  • Those black n white “fat swoosh” nikes, those GT Blazers???

    Jbo20111Jbo20111Bulan Yang lalu
  • Last trick was hella gnarly

    Teah MannehTeah MannehBulan Yang lalu
  • Fuck I hate that song had to turn the sound off.

    Nathan BellamyNathan BellamyBulan Yang lalu
  • Crazy skating crazy good video! Best runs for me come when I listen to bands I like while I go, bands like *Slipknot, SoaD, Delta Parole, McR* and the like. Great rides fellas

    extralowlaextralowlaBulan Yang lalu
  • A moment of silence for the boardslide at 3:20, holy shit.

    Alix SaulnierAlix SaulnierBulan Yang lalu
  • soty for sure

    SouljavoodooSouljavoodooBulan Yang lalu
  • #soty2020

    Nicky ChimesNicky ChimesBulan Yang lalu
  • There’s a lot of situations where I don’t agree with set up kickers to rail. It kinda fluffs up the trick. Been seeing a lot of those kickers to rail this year. Bump to over is appropriate for kickers. Maybe Im too much of a purest. All the tricks were high, powerful, and gnarly. But still needs that ender ender, just one more trick to top the rest.

    cj mycj myBulan Yang lalu
  • that was fucking incan

    Angus FairlieAngus FairlieBulan Yang lalu
  • the stairs are too high, sometimes I find it impossible to send tricks like boardslide or 5050 but these guys go overboard imprecise!!

    syd skatersyd skaterBulan Yang lalu
  • Still got that psychopathic focus in his eyes [in a good way, duh]

    Rambam 7Rambam 7Bulan Yang lalu
  • The REAList street skating right here. SOTY LeveL

    dolamike584dolamike584Bulan Yang lalu
  • Holy shit

    joicejoiceBulan Yang lalu
  • I'm sorry but that fs flip at 4:20 is just too much

    KANEKANEBulan Yang lalu
  • intense powerhouse

    AlbyAlbyBulan Yang lalu
  • brute

    Naevon MortonNaevon MortonBulan Yang lalu
  • The amount of versatility is appreciated

    tattoofthesuntattoofthesunBulan Yang lalu
  • Whole part is insane, but the editing on that first song is mind blowing

    So Much LightSo Much LightBulan Yang lalu
  • SOTY

    Luckyline SkateparkLuckyline SkateparkBulan Yang lalu