SKATELINE - Kader Sylla, Brandon Turner Hardflip, Wes Kremer, Luan Oliveira, Yuri, Alexis Ramirez

24 Nov 2020
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Gary Responds To Your SKATELINE Comments -
INDEPENDENT TRUCKS | Sardinas A La Plancha: Paris Tour 2020
YURI FACCHINI | ALMOST | "For the Culture" Video
KADER SYLLA - thankyouvans

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  • Under rated rapper

    Louie LuigiLouie Luigi18 hari yang lalu
  • I hope Kader gets his own signature shoe

    Avery PriceAvery PriceBulan Yang lalu
  • Damn ...Brandon Turner

    Avery PriceAvery PriceBulan Yang lalu
  • The switch turner flip heard around the world. Thank you Brandon turner for getting your trick

    Jareth ArnebergJareth ArnebergBulan Yang lalu
  • Can't BELIEVE there's not more pushback from the "Skater Owned, even THOUGH it's VF Corp" people....... Glad he made the switch to the Swoosh... Shout out to Torrey as well... Cole and Shecks are next...

    John McDuggleJohn McDuggleBulan Yang lalu
  • Ik the dude in the clip at the end and the park

    Kane Da KidKane Da KidBulan Yang lalu
  • That aint even the craziest late-flip-combo ive seen...which is crazy to think [nollie-late-flip-nollie-late-flip]

    Rambam 7Rambam 7Bulan Yang lalu
  • Oh come on Luan Oliveira will always be the Brazilian GOAT

    Bo J.Bo J.Bulan Yang lalu
  • 1:08 ... you are so right Gary!! Unreal.

    Shark ToothShark ToothBulan Yang lalu
  • Kader was that one kid who ate lunch alone but didn’t eat alone

    Shootin Like KobyShootin Like KobyBulan Yang lalu
  • This dude needs to stfu and go skate...

    Anthony FloresAnthony FloresBulan Yang lalu
  • E vai se fuder

    R DallaR DallaBulan Yang lalu
  • Se você não tem vídeo part e patrocínio da Nike, spitfire e flip. Não paga suas contas, compra e faz oq quiser com o dinheiro que ganha andando de skate. Você não pode falar ou cobrar algo do luan. E mesmo que tenha tudo isso, você nunca vai ser para um skatista oq ele representa.

    R DallaR DallaBulan Yang lalu
  • if you don't have a video part, nike sponsorship, flip, spitfire and don't even live, buy and pay your bills with the money you earn from skateboarding. you can't talk about luan!

    R DallaR DallaBulan Yang lalu
  • Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)::;

    Yanis AgodorYanis AgodorBulan Yang lalu
    • @Skate man Satan doesn't love you my friend. he want you to be with him in Hell. But Jesus love you and he want to change your life. he want to heal your heart, and to be in your life. i know this life is hard but knw that you are not alone but Jesus is here. God bless you my friend and have a nice day

      Yanis AgodorYanis AgodorBulan Yang lalu
    • Team Satan is where its at

      Skate manSkate manBulan Yang lalu
  • fuckinggggg gooooooood

    ericzxericzxBulan Yang lalu
  • Does Gary not know that Brandon’s hardflip was switch?

  • Thankful for Gary and everyone who has lent a hand in this production.

    Adam LechnerAdam LechnerBulan Yang lalu
  • This is so racist

    Chemical5Chemical5Bulan Yang lalu
  • TX is the Brazilian godfather

  • Late backfoot flip, later shuv???

    J.welshJ.welshBulan Yang lalu
  • I knew Jamie Griffin would be on skateline one day lol. He'll be back with some moving shit, his crooks are butter

    StillinTheGameStillinTheGameBulan Yang lalu
  • Blag blah, sodie sodie, bufoni bufoni

    Taheem LewisTaheem LewisBulan Yang lalu
  • Snigga stays showing peoples enders

    Jymmy KafkaJymmy KafkaBulan Yang lalu
  • When you think about it Gary is prob one of the people with the most videos on thrasher

    matt hiasmatt hiasBulan Yang lalu
  • Do you think Travis Scott should return to Insta by posting this clip of Brandon Turner? And is he the oldest person to do a NBD at Walenberg?

    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaOb-La-Di, Ob-La-DaBulan Yang lalu
  • My local got the first clip haha

    VlajdVlajdBulan Yang lalu
  • 02:22 holly shit !!!

    Alexandru CorbanAlexandru CorbanBulan Yang lalu
  • That late flip late suve was pure dope... Much love from SwitzerlandG

    Alexander BertalloAlexander BertalloBulan Yang lalu
  • "If you just pushed one time" Haha so true

    theJmantheJmanBulan Yang lalu
  • How can you not mention Carlos Ribeiro in the list of top Brazilians? I swear it's all the soccer.

    si martsi martBulan Yang lalu
  • 2040, brandon turner sw hards el toro

    mateo itomateo itoBulan Yang lalu
  • When are we gonna see a gary rogers full part?

    Unga BungaUnga BungaBulan Yang lalu
  • Yuri’s video was absolutely insane and just perfect

    DaBul DabzDaBul DabzBulan Yang lalu
  • "These niggas is like Thanos, where did that bring you? Right back to me." 😆😆

    Taylor NorthernTaylor NorthernBulan Yang lalu
  • Mind Blown.

    Phillip ThomasPhillip ThomasBulan Yang lalu
  • Brandon isn't 40-years-old yet. It sounded cool tho...

    Frozen FoodsFrozen FoodsBulan Yang lalu
  • Brandon Turner's hardflip has to be trick of the year. Dude is literally 39 years old.

    neberyxneberyxBulan Yang lalu
  • Up the Irish! jamie Griffin is the Irish Rodney Mullen

  • Turner is better now than he was in the shortys days

    Sid HowardSid HowardBulan Yang lalu
  • Brandon Turner man that was sick as fuck

    Dan ClarkDan ClarkBulan Yang lalu
  • Thats so crazy I cant remember Luan ever hitting a handrail but he kills everything else

    Jeff PJeff PBulan Yang lalu
  • 0:34 it's Don Vanderlinden from now on

    tjoentjoenBulan Yang lalu
  • Late flip late shove?. Man, the level is getting crazier than ever.

    FlatgroundTVFlatgroundTVBulan Yang lalu
  • Is Brandon Turner really 40+? Daaaaang..

    SnowMetalSnowMetalBulan Yang lalu
  • " Wes kremer derek fisher " 🤙🤙😂😂

    sal Garciasal GarciaBulan Yang lalu
  • did I just see B. Turner do a switch hardflip down wallenberg in 2020??

    7thxletter7thxletterBulan Yang lalu
  • I love watching this drunk

    DomDomBulan Yang lalu
  • Lader Kater🥴

    Troy EberhardTroy EberhardBulan Yang lalu
  • Hilarious and 🔥

    patricklandond1patricklandond1Bulan Yang lalu
  • Gu-one Oliveira

    Oliver MarananOliver MarananBulan Yang lalu
  • Did he mention Wes Kremer can't remember.

    DarkPhaZeDarkPhaZeBulan Yang lalu
  • It's time for a new skateline intro 😭

    Deadman sullyDeadman sullyBulan Yang lalu
  • When he mentioned Steven Fernandez that shit got me laughing 🤣

    Adrian EscobarAdrian EscobarBulan Yang lalu
  • It's entirely possible that Gary's the funniest person on the planet.

    Tango357Tango357Bulan Yang lalu
  • yuri is that guy from Barbershop after barbershop 3

    KDawg9000KDawg9000Bulan Yang lalu
  • i was geninly laughing throught this whole episode gary on fire this week!!! also check out the last backside flip in the video i just posted honestly worthy enough of a mention possibly watch that catch fam!!!!

    KillUKrueKillUKrueBulan Yang lalu
  • Switch Hardflip dang

    TullBoyTullBoyBulan Yang lalu
  • Brandon Turner just switch flipped Wallenberg!?!?!? What!?!?!

    Christopher SawyerChristopher SawyerBulan Yang lalu
  • Please slap whoever wrote this video title and tell ‘em that BT hardflip was switch bitch!

    theWerskyScenariotheWerskyScenarioBulan Yang lalu
  • Gary. Can I get a shout-out for the Northwest?!

    Joseph PossanzaJoseph PossanzaBulan Yang lalu
  • Thanos lmao!

    Dario _Dario _Bulan Yang lalu
  • ok ok ok, so How High is the Bar.........To outer space a nebula lost in time and space. Thy Bar has risen High in a few weeks yes yes it has. Props to the makers of the bar, the clones who keep raising it to the tippy top :D

    Nox EldarNox EldarBulan Yang lalu
  • I like this dude, he’s pretty funny.

    Martin LeMartin LeBulan Yang lalu
  • Anyone knows where can i get the music from the Yuri part?

    GooasoohGooasoohBulan Yang lalu
  • Brandon Turner is 39. I know Mason Silva killed it this year. But I’m voting BTurner for SOTY. That was one of the craziest things I have ever seen in skateboarding

    cuck boyzcuck boyzBulan Yang lalu
  • Pfff, anyone who things Luan gives one single fuck what anyone- let alone what Mr.Gary NBD Rogers thinks, is out to lunch. He’s a real skater, does it for himself and how it makes him feel- and you can tell by the way he skates; like he’s got a demon in his shoe he’s trying to pump out of that thing, like no one’s watching- cuz he don’t care if they are or they aren’t. Gary lost points in my book today, and why didn’t he comment on Elijah Berle’s part- too soon, they’d already filmed the episode?

    Tjasse MartinsTjasse MartinsBulan Yang lalu
  • 1:00

    Ethan HughesEthan HughesBulan Yang lalu
  • This week looked litty

    Brandon BrandoBrandon BrandoBulan Yang lalu
  • How are you gonna forget the first big time Brazilian skater Rodrigo TX? Lol

    Dwayne LewisDwayne LewisBulan Yang lalu
    • Bob Burnquist

      Dox FillDox FillBulan Yang lalu
  • Where did that bring you? RIGHT BACK TO ME😭😭😭😭

    Enjoi The JuntEnjoi The JuntBulan Yang lalu
  • also some cans do have a thin plastic coating on the inside. so if u heat it up make shure its not such one, unlees oc u don't mind eating molten plasics, maybe it's ur thing i dont judge, mans just spreading knowledge.

    Sebastian KleinodSebastian KleinodBulan Yang lalu
  • it's like 3 am rn, imma turn the volume down first.

    Sebastian KleinodSebastian KleinodBulan Yang lalu
  • This nigga just reference "midas touch"?! That shits hella old. Know how I know? Cause I'm n old dude that still says hella.

    jim sjim sBulan Yang lalu
  • Bob Burnquist is the Godfather, Alex Carolino is the Consigliere, Luan is the Regulator... the rest are only foot soldiers.

    Diego SánchezDiego SánchezBulan Yang lalu
  • Nice pressure hard flop Brandon

    tristan thiedeketristan thiedekeBulan Yang lalu
  • Vans fr bought supreme?

    Chris W.Chris W.Bulan Yang lalu

    francisco gonzalezfrancisco gonzalezBulan Yang lalu
  • Hope you have a great thanks giving +thrashermagazine

    Emigdio Martin-MiguelEmigdio Martin-MiguelBulan Yang lalu
  • “This is like a fuck your to Gary, and I’m supporting it! Fuck Gary he’s an idiot” 😂😂😂😂

    James WilsonJames WilsonBulan Yang lalu
  • "I can only do so much", provides banger three minute and forty-six second video & gives two links. Doing more for me than most people big fella.

    FourgroundFourgroundBulan Yang lalu
  • Eu não entendo nada oq ele fala mas mesmo assim é dahora de assistir 😂✨🏖

    kaillan cerqueirakaillan cerqueiraBulan Yang lalu
  • That wasn’t a hardflip.

    Juan SanchezJuan SanchezBulan Yang lalu
  • "Where that bring you? Right back to me" 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    sparksk8ersparksk8erBulan Yang lalu
  • Days da boi deon!

    Professional DipshitProfessional DipshitBulan Yang lalu
  • Brandon Holding it Down for us old head Skaters! Great work as Always @Gary Rogers

    The Joe SankovichThe Joe SankovichBulan Yang lalu
  • Srry but Kaders style is FUGLY, he does gnarly sht but its not fun to watch. Not hating, just stating the TRUTH

    V PeRK VV PeRK VBulan Yang lalu
  • Turner called it,,said if he had a roll in he could throw it, and man he did that shit perfectt 👌🏆

    Jeff ZajacJeff ZajacBulan Yang lalu
    • @si mart said it on Nine Club

      harlan Petrowskiharlan PetrowskiBulan Yang lalu
    • @si mart I think it was actually haha or a Thrasher interview.

      Jeff ZajacJeff ZajacBulan Yang lalu
    • Where did he say that? Nine club? That's so sick he called his shot!

      si martsi martBulan Yang lalu
  • 1:50. , just watched his part yesterday, very impressive, tht fakie kick to back blunt to regular back 5-0 was amazing, long too.

    V PeRK VV PeRK VBulan Yang lalu
  • 1:03. , god dam, dare i say, they look better now than his fill the dream parts. Landed sooooo good.

    V PeRK VV PeRK VBulan Yang lalu
  • funniest shit!

    Justin DoyleJustin DoyleBulan Yang lalu
  • "Y'all ever seen Mafia beef?" 😂😭😂

    Mitch HughanMitch HughanBulan Yang lalu
  • Dude, speake slowly when u talking about brazilians, can´t understand, please.

    Daniel ManfrinatoDaniel ManfrinatoBulan Yang lalu
  • 🌚

    Dilbert Doe FanboyDilbert Doe FanboyBulan Yang lalu
  • Great

    Big MBig MBulan Yang lalu
  • This is the ONLY youtube series that I actually look forward to watching every week. Please don't stop.

    Justin AnthoneyJustin AnthoneyBulan Yang lalu
  • oh man he really called out luan 8O

    Nick PasquarelloNick PasquarelloBulan Yang lalu
  • Happy Thanksgiving to you too Gary😁 much love from Cincinnati🐿🖤

    Ryan FlahertyRyan FlahertyBulan Yang lalu
  • Did this man just defy the laws of gravity at 1:28 1:30?

    mizu & lofimizu & lofiBulan Yang lalu
  • Gary 4 years ago would've completely flipped out if kaders move to nike happened then

    akina speedstarakina speedstarBulan Yang lalu